First blog post

Week 1


This is called “Colour Skyline”, by  Javier Bangs. This picture really shows the details of all the different colors. Also it shows the shapes of the bottles. This is a good example of hyper-realism.

Week 2


This is awesome how someone can make a piece of art out of a pair of hands. It is interesting how you can tell that is it a pair of hands. There is very good details.


Week 3


This is a picture of a tattoo on someone. It is called “Knock Knock” It really looks like someone is looking out a door on someones stomach. I would never get a tattoo like this but if you are interested in it then its a good thing for you. I think it is cool  and very detailed.

Week 4


I was on instagram and I came across this. I have never seen a heart with no blood. This is very cool and interesting. I wonder what it takes do that and if its a lot of work?