First blog post

Week 1


This is called “Colour Skyline”, by  Javier Bangs. This picture really shows the details of all the different colors. Also it shows the shapes of the bottles. This is a good example of hyper-realism.

Week 2


This is awesome how someone can make a piece of art out of a pair of hands. It is interesting how you can tell that is it a pair of hands. There is very good details.

Week 3


This is a picture of a tattoo on someone. It is called “Knock Knock” It really looks like someone is looking out a door on someones stomach. I would never get a tattoo like this but if you are interested in it then its a good thing for you. I think it is cool  and very detailed.

Week 4


I was on Instagram and I came across this. I have never seen a heart with no blood. This is very cool and interesting. I wonder what it takes do that and if its a lot of work?

Week 5


I found this while I was on Facebook. This is a picture of the Apple icon with some of the applications that Apple has on their App store.

Week 6


I liked this picture because instead of  the fruit being round they are square. You can also see the water dripping down from the fruit to make it look like the pieces of fruit have been washed. It looks so real that I would actually eat it.

Week 7


This is a painting of a snickers bar. It really looks like the real thing. They really got all the details from the real candy bar. They even put the crumbs from the candy bar look real.

Week 8


This is an example of cubism. I love cupcakes so I thought it was very interesting. They used a lot of colors and thats what makes it stand out.

Week 9


Iris Scott did an amazing job on this painting. What caught my eye the most was how you can tell the dog is drying off after it got wet.

Week 10


This is either a person’s head dressed up as a pineapple or its a very talented artist who sculupted the head shape into it.  The artist made it look so real.

Week 11

Jean Metzinger is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list Famous Cubist Artists, RankedThis painting is by Jean Dominique Antony Metzinger. It is an example of cubism. Whats nice about it is that you can tell whats going on in the picture. 

Week 12


This is a very interesting picture. It is showing that its really hot out so an ice cream truck can even melt. The artist is an Brazilian artist named Nele Acevedo.